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Friday, August 22, 2003

New blog opened 

my new blog address is :


plss visit it!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2003


1. To support the goal of achieving full Israeli membership of the European Union.

2. To undertake reasonably, as follows: promote, support publicly, and implement concrete steps to further the goal of achieving full Israeli European Union membership, each according to his skills, resources and abilities.

3. To undertake to cooperate and communicate with each other, irrespective of differing political, social and/or religious beliefs, for the purposes of achieving and/or discussing the goal as set out in section 1 of this protocol.

4. To report on their progress, each time, a conference to further the goal as set out in section 1, should again take place.

5. To congregate in Jerusalem, as to bring to the attention of the public, the Knesset and to the Israeli government the objective as set out in section 1.

to sign the appeal go to www.radicalparty.org


Appeal to the Secretary General and to the Heads of State and of Government of the member countries of the United Nations

We citizens of Chechnya, of Russia, and of the whole world

address this appeal with confidence to the United Nations and to all States that hold dear the fate of human life and civilisation in this far corner of Europe, cancelled from the conscience of the West and of the free countries and consigned for the last ten years to the Russian occupying forces.

The Russian State is renewing a tragedy that has dragged on for three centuries, from one occupation to the next, from one deportation to the next, from one massacre to the next. This centuries-old colonisation is a source of shame for the whole of humanity and a tragedy that unites, rather than divides, the Russian and Chechen peoples in a common fate.

We Chechens,

have, in the last ten years, seen our country devastated, our capital Grozny razed to the ground, our villages, fields and woods, and our people itself, become the daily target of a war that seems to have no end or epilogue other than our definitive annihilation.

We have seen our sons and daughters, our fathers and mothers, our husbands and wives, our brothers and sisters, rounded up in the middle of the night, deported, imprisoned, tortured, raped, mutilated and murdered.

We have seen, with great anguish, the growing risk that some of those younger and weaker than us, brought up in a world that knows nothing but war, will yield to the temptation of terrorism and entrust their hopes to a "murderous courage" that would put them on the same level as the occupiers.

We have seen that our fragile institutions, consecrated by a democratic election in 1997 and recognised by the international community and by the Russian Federation itself, were first delegitimised, then replaced by a straw government, and finally swept away by a sham referendum.

We Russians,

know that thousands of our soldiers have been killed, their bodies returned secretly to the cemeteries in our towns and villages.

We know that our soldiers are condemned to commit innumerable atrocities and crimes on the orders of cynical, mercenary autocrats and generals.

We know that this war kills tens of thousands of men and women, and with them the hopes for democracy and freedom that we have been nurturing in our hearts since the end of the Cold War.

We citizens of the whole world,

share the sense of horror felt by many Russians and the sense of terror that haunts the Chechens in the face of the devastation of this small piece of Europe and of the world, which is still called Chechnya.

We believe that what is happening in this deliberately and blamefully abandoned region increasingly resembles a full-fledged genocide.

Dear Secretary General, dear Heads of State and of Government,

We believe that it is intolerable that the international community should continue to ignore the daily unfolding of this terrible tragedy, and that we cannot continue to turn a blind eye and shirk our responsibilities with respect to what is happening in Chechnya.

We support the plan for "conditional independence" presented by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, Ilyas Akhmadov, which proposes the establishment of an interim United Nations administration on the basis of the disarmament of all the Chechen forces and the withdrawal of all the Russian military and administrative personnel. At the end of this period of transition, during which the UN would be charged with administering the country and co-ordinating the re-establishment of the civil, political and material order of a country strewn with ruins and comon graves, the surviving population would be called to elect its own parliament and government.

We citizens of Chechnya, of Russia, and of the whole world

ask you solemnly and with confidence to take all the necessary steps to ensure that the Akhmadov plan for peace and democracy in Chechnya is first studied and then implemented.

We hope that, in this framework, a Special Representative of the UN Secretary General for Chechnya will be appointed as soon as possible.

The security of the Russian poeple and the lives of the Chechen people cannot be sacrificed to the logic of a conflict that no-one can hope any longer to win on the battlefield. It is up to the international commity and to the United Nations to enable two peoples who are both losing a shameful war to join forces in order to win an honourable peace.

To sign the petition go to www.radicalparty.org

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Tomorrow morning i will be leaving for 5 days of relax!
I hope you continue to visit this site.
Meanwhile,i might continue to write here,but from tomorrow i will not post till 17th of August..

Liberal Arab Columnist: 'Why do Arabs Hate the West, Especially the U.S.?' 

Liberal Arab Columnist: 'Why do Arabs Hate the West, Especially the U.S.?'

In an article titled "Why Do Arabs Hate the West, Especially the U.S.," Zuheir Abdallah, columnist for the London-based Arabic daily Al-Hayat, blames Arab fascism and Islamism for failing to achieve any accomplishments for the Arab world since 1948, leading to its backwardness today. The following are excerpts from the article: [1]

Arabs Should Remember They Invaded and Occupied Europe Before The Crusades

"Most Arabs hate the West, especially the U.S., for many reasons; some date back to the Crusades and the Andalusia period, and more recently, because of Palestine and Iraq. I don't intend to delve into this historical turmoil, but for the sake of history, the Arabs should remember that they invaded and occupied important parts of Europe hundreds of years before the Crusades wars.

"The West and the U.S. in particular, as a result of their growing financial and moral power since the 1950s, and just like any human force, dominates and colonizes… just like them the Assyrians, the Romans, the Greeks, the Persians, the Arabs, the Tatars, the Ottomans and others did before them… But since the 1950s, both the dominating and dominated initiated an attempt to build a new world, where competition (which is part of human nature) gradually moved from the battlefields to the realm of creation, economy and trade. Sciences and inventions developed as never before, especially in the fields of space, communications and medicine, which led to the invention of computers, the Internet and satellites, and many medicines and antibiotics were discovered, overcoming many diseases and increasing humans' life expectancy. In general, the world went on a stable path of progress, as trade prospered (with the elimination of tariffs and the speed in transportation)."

Since 1948 The Arab World Has Regressed

"But despite this, the Arab world failed to ride the same wagon (except for the consumption part), ever since the Palestinian Nakba in 1948. Since then, under the pretext of liberating Palestine and destroying the occupation's agents, most Arab countries were taken over by not so intelligent and more tyrannical people (mostly from the military). Thus, the economic and scientific growth regressed and reached the bottom level, in comparison to the rest of the countries in the world (according to the last report of the UN)."

Arab Fascism and Fundamentalist Islam Have Nothing to Offer People

"Since 1948, the primitive Arab fascism was given free reign, and boosted by the backwards soldiers, from the officers to reactionary parties (sometimes self-dubbed progressive), and other times allied with fundamentalist Islam. It has nothing to offer to its people except empty slogans revolving around the themes of resistance and struggle, for no voice can be louder than that of the fight, and consequently, corruption spread, and this Arab fascism was constantly being defeated in its Don-Quixote-like-battles with any foreign force (except its people, as it always vanquished them).

"All around the world, extremist slogans and concepts are falling one after the other; but in the Arab world, they have reached such a level that many simple-minded people and ignorant persons were unfortunately brainwashed and turned into the fuel of this extremism. When discussing with many Arab citizens, even those claiming to be educated, about the reason for our backwardness, you get a preset answer to the effect that the West with the U.S. in particular are stopping the Arabs from progressing. If this hypothesis is true, then why did certain Arab and Islamic countries, such as Malaysia and Dubai [sic], manage to achieve progress (even if partially)?"

Arabs Reject Western Inventions, Only to Embrace them Later

"The West and the U.S. in particular achieved major accomplishments over the past century. As for us, Arabs and Muslims, we became at most consumers of these accomplishments and inventions; we reject them at first claiming they are designed to control us, then consume them fast and even hide it most of the time. The examples are many:

* The invention of radio transmission, then television then satellite channels, then electronic communications devices. Most Arabs misused these means, and used them as channels for religious extremism, political provocation, and transmission of erroneous information. The young generation spends long hours on the Internet to view pornographic pictures, mainly in the highly conservative societies, which foster frustration. Before the modern communication means (visual and audio), we had enlightened religious scholars such as Mohamad Abdu and Jamaleddine Al Afghani. After the confusion resulting from these means, we have Sheikhs like bin Laden, Al Dhawahiri and many others we watch and hear on the Arab satellite channels.

* The weapons were highly and unusually developed during the last century. From 1948 to this day, arms purchases in the Middle East occupied the first place among the countries in the world and reached between 1995 and 1997, about 38% from world purchases in comparison to 3% in South America, according to the U.S. State Department's report: "Military Expenditures and Arms Transfers 1998." Most of these purchases were made under the pretext of liberating Palestine and fighting the enemies. They were either used against the people or during the civil wars or to attack neighboring countries. As for Israel, it remains the most powerful in terms of arms.

* In the medical field, penicillin and antibiotics were discovered, which saved millions and billions of human lives from fatal diseases as typhoid and many children diseases. As a result, there was a disorder in the demographic balance of many developing countries, especially in the Arab countries, as birth rates considerably grew (sometimes encouraged by ignorant rulers), combined with a decrease in death rates, especially infantile. As a result, the yearly demographic increase varied between 3 and 5%, which means that the census in some Arab countries doubled every 16 years. Social, political and environmental problems ensued and governments and people couldn't confront them.

"These are few of the examples on the inventions and discoveries of the last centuries and how they were misused in the Arab world. Let us stop for a minute and ask ourselves, Arabs and most Muslims, what did we offer for ourselves and the rest of the world, since the beginning of the industrial revolution to this day, from human sciences and inventions or any other added value to civilization? Unfortunately, the answer is: almost nothing!!"

Liberia:the war is over,rebels say 

August 12, 2003 -- "We are letting the civilians rejoice because they were tired of the raping and looting."

- Sekou Fofana, a leader of the Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy rebels, as wild celebrations broke out yesteday after President Charles Taylor resigned and left for exile in Nigeria

The American Marines are about to land into Liberia.

Monday, August 11, 2003

A court in Pakistan on Tuesday sentenced another man, Bashir Ahmed, to death for making “derogatory remarks against the Holy Prophet and his companions.”
Where is Amnesty International?
What will it do to save the innocent life of this man?

Hezbollah's return 

It would sound strange that people believed in this so-called 'truce' , porclaimed by the palestinian terrorist organizations.
Did not it seem strange that usually peace-hater organizations like Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Fatah,etc, have accepted the truce?
Serious foreign journalists often repeated that the palestinians used all this time and opportunity given to them to reorganize themselves and new terror methods,also thanks to the Islamic Regime of Tehran(this latter is about to hate a powerful missile capable to strike Israel ).A concrete exemple is yesterday's attack by Iri-funded Hezbollah,on the Israeli-Lebanese border,despite Israel's pullout from that zone long time ago.
Also,the palestinians have built a new powerful missile,capable to reach the israeli cities at an unbelieveble speed.
Despite of this evidence,the usual peacenicks wants us to believe that the palestinian people are 'innocents and armed with only stones'!
They lie and they know that they are lying .
The world public opinion,the european govts and the usa alike should be aware that Israel is at serious risk of his total destruction.
For that,the fence is more necessary then never.
Will Europe and Bush understand this before it's too late??

Sunday, August 10, 2003

Al-Qaeda terror chief runs Iraqi hit squads 

The Sunday Times - World

August 10, 2003

Al-Qaeda terror chief runs Iraqi hit squads
Marie Colvin, Ramadi, Iraq

AL-QAEDA terrorists who have infiltrated Iraq from Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries have formed an alliance with former intelligence agents of Saddam Hussein to fight their common enemy, the American forces.

The alliance, known as Jaish Mohammed — the army of the prophet Mohammed — is believed to be responsible for increasingly sophisticated attacks on US soldiers. In the past four months it has smuggled millions of dollars, weapons and hundreds of Arab fighters across the desert border with Saudi Arabia.

Details of the alliance have emerged from Iraqi intelligence and US military sources, and from local supporters in a belt of restive Sunni Muslim towns to the west of Baghdad.

Influenced by Wahhabism — a fundamentalist strain of Islam followed in Saudi Arabia and by Osama Bin Laden — it represents a new force for Al-Qaeda in its holy war against the US. The group is led by a top Saudi Al-Qaeda officer, while most of the lieutenants and foot soldiers are Iraqis, who can move easily among the locals.

The Sunday Times has obtained the name of the leader but has been asked not to publish it for fear of jeopardising security operations. He does not direct every attack, but oversees training and ensures cells follow his commands about targets.The Saudi relies for planning, logistics and recruitment on two former Iraqi intelligence officials, including Mohammed al-Kudier, a former director of special operations in Saddam's Mukhabarat security service.

According to the sources, they run a training camp at Razaza, 30 miles from the town of Ramadi, at a former lakeside resort that Saddam turned into a base for army manoeuvres. Last Friday a driver was shot and killed on a nearby road.

The new threat to the Americans was disclosed yesterday as British troops in Iraq's second city of Basra came under attack from a mob complaining about petrol and power shortages in temperatures of 57C (135F). Three soldiers from the Queen's Lancashire Regiment were hit by stones but were not seriously injured.

Jaish Mohammed seems to analysts to be an improbable alliance. Al-Qaeda was formed by Bin Laden to drive American forces from Saudi Arabia, home to the two holiest sites in Islam. Saddam's ruling Ba'ath party was deeply secular.

There was deep scepticism in the run-up to the war when the administration of President George Bush alleged that there were links between Saddam and Bin Laden, who directed the September 11 terror attacks.

But a different kind of co-operation is emerging in Iraq, driven by a mutual hatred of the West, particularly the Americans and British.

For the Arab foreigners in Jaish Mohammed, the alliance is a jihad, similar to that forged by Bin Laden and his allies to expel Soviet forces from Afghanistan. According to those who know them, the Iraqis have joined for a combination of religious and nationalist reasons.

The Saudi Al-Qaeda officer, who moves across the border but was believed to be in Iraq last week, is supported by wealthy Saudis rather than the Riyadh government. His Iraqi partners recruit from the pool of security and intelligence officers who are unemployed and embittered by their loss of status.

Recruits are selected for their religious tendencies and weapons skills. After vetting, they begin Al-Qaeda-style training, such as how to make remote-controlled bombs. They then stay in safe houses. "They are spread out so it's difficult to arrest them," said an Iraqi source. "When there is an operation they are brought to collection areas — either mosques or a training camp." Messages are passed by word of mouth.

Jaish Mohammed is the most dangerous of Iraq's diverse elements of resistance and its presence is increasingly potent.

On Thursday in the Karadeh area of Baghdad an American Humvee pulled up as it did daily on the main street, where the soldiers bought cold drinks. At 2.15pm, a remote-controlled bomb buried in a dirt square exploded, seriously injuring two soldiers and killing two Iraqis.

Foreign fighters were also suspected of organising Thursday's truck bomb attack on the Jordanian embassy in Baghdad, which killed 19 people.

Yesterday America's top military officer said the continued incursion of foreign fighters into Iraq could lead to a diplomatic showdown between America and Iraq's neighbours.

"It's a serious issue," said General Richard Myers, chairman of the US joint chiefs of staff. "We have to convince these countries surrounding Iraq that it is not a good idea to allow foreign fighters in."

The Americans confirm they believe Al-Qaeda is operating in Iraq. Paul Bremer, the civilian administrator, said the military had found strong links between Al-Qaeda, other Iraqi groups and guerrilla attacks that have killed 55 US soldiers since Bush declared major combat operations over on May 1.

As the disturbances spread in Basra, British troops in riot gear struggled to control mobs burning tyres and attacking cars.

A moral obbligation:Stop to FGM! 

There are millions of women in this world which are forced to submitt themselves to the brutal and painful pratice of the Female Genital Mutilation ( FGM)
This pratice has nothing to do with any specific religion.It's praticed in Africa, Asia,Egypt,and also in few cases in Europe and Italy-
Recently,Italy approved a law which punish severally whoever pratices such a crime.

But we cannot stay indifferent in front of the millions of women which are forced to this pratice.
This pratice is done in conditions of absolute risks for diseases like AIDS.

it's time that the U.N. do something or it will prove its full usefulness.


Pope says us to pray for rain.
he also spoke against the people give fire ..
will this serve to anything?

Saturday, August 09, 2003

The Illegal Jamming of Satellite Signals by Cuban and Iranian Governments  

To: Honorable Kofi Annan, General Secretary of the United Nations, the President of the United States of America, U.S. Secretary of State; Members of the Congress; the Federal Communications Commission and all Appropriate Elements of the U.S. Government and the Communication Media

From: Iranian American, Concerned U.S. Citizens, and Peace Loving Citizens of the World

Sponsored By: International Institute for Iranian Affairs (3ira)
Web: www.3ira.org
E-mail: contactus@3ira.org
Started Date: July 20, 2003

Honorable Kofi Annan, General Secretary of the United Nations:

The Cuban authorities started a "deliberate and malicious" effort to block Iranian audiences from getting access to truthful news and information. This is an illegal interference with the free and open flow of international communications. The Broadcasting Board of Governors(BBG), an independent federal agency which oversees all U.S. non-military international broadcasting, has already condemned Cuban government. This interference constitutes a direct and effective violation of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19 that guarantees individuals the right to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers. Also, this interference constitutes a deliberate effort to block the public’s access to satellite telecommunications, and as such represents a major threat to international satellite communications.

According to reliable sources, the Iranian government also has been emitting harmful signals in an effort to block the satellite broadcasting from abroad; an act that causes many health problems, such as miscarriages and birth defects. All this is taking place where the Iranian students and pro-democracy advocates have staged repeated demonstrations against the ruling Islamic government. This is a last ditch desperate attempt of the Iranian regime to block Iranian audiences from getting access to truthful news and information and deny the Iranian peace-loving people their God-giving right for democracy and freedom.

We respectfully urge the UN to strongly condemn the deliberate and malicious interference with the legitimate efforts to impart truthful, objective, and balanced news to the Iranian audience and to lodge an appropriate formal protest against the Governments of Cuba and Iran for this unwarranted and wrongful interference.

We strongly urge the United Nations to support the following items regarding the jamming of Satellite Broadcasts to Iran:

1. The UN vigorously affirm the human rights of the Iranian people to seek and receive information and ideas;
2. to strongly condemn the deliberate and malicious interference with the legitimate effort to impart truthful, objective, and balanced news to its Iranian audience;
3. to call upon the international community to censure the states that have caused this interference;
4. to urge such service providers as Intelsat and Eutelsat to cease providing services to those states that have deliberately restricted the Iranian people’s access to international broadcasting until and unless this illegal interference with the free and open flow of international communications ends; and
5. To lodge an appropriate formal protest against the Governments of Cuba, Iran and any other involved countries for this unwarranted and wrongful interference.

We, the undersigned, respectfully request that the United Nation to investigate the jamming satellite signals to Iran by Cuban and Iranian Governments and let the gallant Iranian people to receive a balance news and information from abroad. We respectfully ask the world community to support the peace loving Iranians who are fighting the despotic regime in order to attain and achieve democracy and freedom.


The Undersigned

to sign the petition go to www.activistchat.com

What is America? 

What is America?

by Christian Rocca
It's not a place, a country, or a continent.
America is normalcy, the irreplaceable liberty of being normal. America is everywhere.
It is our life: a job that is sometimes satisfying and sometimes frustrating; a family and a home; waking up in the morning, making breakfast and going to work.
That's America.
It's also about playing, joking, eating, arguing, having fun. Even crying.
It's not all roses in America. But it's a world with friends, the cinema, love, the game on TV. And, alas, a world with hassles, with boors. America
even has those. America was conquered a long time ago. Then the Americans exported it,
using ships, parachutes, music and movies. With brand names and slogans. With the CIA sometimes.
We've been enjoying this America for some time. I repeat: I am not talking about the stars and stripes, but of the irreplaceable liberty of being
normal. There are many people in the world who don't have America. But many of them
are in line, because sooner or later everyone arrives in America, which everyone wants to try. It's always been like that.
Still, some people don't like it, and many, even those in America up to their necks, think they can do without it. Maybe they can - it would
probably be easier, though, if they were already in America.
The terrorists didn't just knock down the twin towers and kill 6,000 people on Sept. 11.
After all, calamities can happen: From time to time buildings collapse, airplanes crash, and war, too, is not a novel atrocity.
But what the extremists' fury has wrought is the end of the idea of America, the hope for America, the idea that we all want more America. Bush can win all the wars he wants, he can capture or kill, one, a hundred, or even a thousand bin Ladens, but it won't be enough to give us America back.
America also meant the certainty of security. It's no longer the same.
It would have been better if the attacks had struck Rome or Milan.
That's not a paradox. Think about it: If they had destroyed two of our buildings, we could always have counted on the Sixth Fleet or on the
Marines, or on Bruce Willis and Robocop. Anyway, the point is that some cavalry would have ridden in to save us. We would have heard the trumpets and have our lives given back. We would be Americans again - normal.
Instead, with America itself attacked, it's a big mess. If they're in difficulty, we're in big trouble.
Those who live in remoter and more impenetrable places are even worse off.
With America shattered, the idea of liberty and security in flames, it will be even harder to become American.
Once everything was clear: There was the world, and there was the certainty of America. After Sept. 11, there is only the world.
Only in the real world could a Boeing fly into a tower. It's true that accidents can happen, even in the America of yore. Indeed, that's what we all thought when we saw the TV footage of the first crash.
Eighteen minutes later, though, there was another error, and that wasn't possible. In the world, maybe, but not in America.
But the world has changed, and a new one, without America, has been born.
What was done to New York was done to the world's collective conscience, to us, and also to those, wherever they are, who were not yet Americans but saw in the idea of America their last chance for freedom and normalcy.

Mr. Rocca is deputy editor of Il Foglio. Comments to him can be addressed
to christian.rocca@ilfoglio.it

The smiling bomber 

The smiling bomber won't be smiling anymore.
Early this week,Ali Amrozi,the author of the Bali's tragedy ,has been sentenced to death.
After hearing the final sentence of the Bali's court against him,he thanked Allah,saying that he 'will die as a martyr for killing the corrupt western tourists' ( better known as infidels).
He added that 'there will be other Amrozi', as a sign of his indifference to the sentence against him and ,worst,to the crime he done against innocent tourists.

As another sign of his indifference to all this,he kept on smiling during all the course of the trial.
The death sentence was a great victory for the terrorists.Now,they would think,Amrozi is going to live near the vergins of the paradise of Allah.
Was not it better sentence him to life imprisonement?

It's to note that the trial was attended by the relatives of the victims of that attack on the beautiful island of Bali.
A Hindu island.

Surprise!Shwarzy running as governor of CA! 

Finally Shwarzy decided:he will be running as governor of California!
Arnold Shwarzenegger was born in Vienna,Austria and went to the USA in 1968 and gained the US citizenship in 1983.
He is a great friend at President Bush and is candidate with the Republican Party.
It's to note that he is married at one member of the Kennedy dinasty.

Arnold will challenge the 'King' of the Porn magazines, Larry Flynt.

But all the polls show clearly that Shwarzenegger is going to win the Recall elections and will be the next Governor of California state.
His main task will be re-build the disastered economy of California, in financial crack under the leadership of Democrat governor Gray Davis.

Good luck,Shwarzy!

Thursday, August 07, 2003

Prodi,Fassino,Dini,Ciampi:tell us the truth! 

Dear President of the European Commission;
Dear member of the italian leftist opposition;
Dear former Italian foreign Minister;
Dear President of the Italian Republic and former Minister of Treasury:

Tell us why did you corrupt our national phone company,by looting our money to make illegal and corrupt business with Milosevic!

Tell us why did you loot our country during your yrs into the power??

Above all,why don't you go to tell your reasons in front of the Tribunal of Turin instead of insulting??

Even the Italian Transnational Radical Party (www.radicalparty.org) demonstrated today to ask you to tell us the truth!!

Tell us the truth!
we will wait for you to be questioned before accusing you to being innocent or guilty.
See,we are guarantists.

But we italian citizens want to ask you to tell us the truth on the corruption which you brought to the Italian State!
I'll join a petition proposed by Radicals,me as an ordinary italian citizen along with many italians and we will send it to Mr. Prodi and the other members of the corruption team.

Truth!! Now!!

Telekom Serbia:the greatest corruption of Italy's Republican history! 

The moment of truth is next .
The greatest act of corruption by italian politicians since 1948 is about to be clarified.
The huge tangents paid by Prodi,Fassino and the former Italian information minister Dini ,to the Milosevic regime for an exchange between the italian phone company Telecom Italia and the Serbian phone company,Telekom Serbjia,just while the dictator was doing his 'job' in Kosovo ( and after Italy sent our soldiers in Kosovo ).

Now the moment of the truth is next.

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Two Pro-democracy Protesters Receive Death Sentences 

The Shiraz revolutionary court found two pro-democracy protestors guilty of “warring against God,” a crime punishable by death. The verdicts were sent to the supreme court for approval. The court also found 32 pro-democracy protesters guilty of fomenting terror and disturbances, issued suspended sentences for another 27 and acquitted 43. Shiraz judiciary chief refused to release the names of the defendants. (Keyvan Hosseini)


Conservatives Wary of Anti-regime Remarks by Khomeini's Grandson 

Ayatollah Khomeini's grandson, Ayatollah Seyyed Hossein Khomeini, 45, who has been in exile in Baghdad since last month, said in interviews with Western press, including the Washington Times, that he and his countrymen would welcome US military intervention to end the clerical rule, if that is the only way to liberate Iran. He said Iraqis are happy that the US forces have liberated them from Saddam's rule. His comments, reported widely across the world, has become a source of concern for the conservative clerics who run the Islamic government in Iran. Khomeini said his grandfather's successors use religion to oppress people and prolong their own rule. (Jamshid Zand)


Congressman Says US Supports Democracy Movement in Iran 

In an interview with Radio Farda, US Congressman Robert W. Ney rejects the idea that US may make a secret deal with Iran. “We will not sacrifice our support of the Iranian people for a tiny advantage in Iraq,” he said. Mr. Ney, who is an advocate of US-Iran dialogue, adds, “We should support the Iranian people's move to seek human rights, freedom and democracy. We should support pro-democracy groups. However, changes should come from within the country.” He says that he has submitted a bill to the Congress that recognizes the struggle of the majority of Iranians for democracy. (Shahran Tabari)

Next year propably i will visit New York.
I had a lot of fear but my american friend told me that it is safer now.
I also wish to visit Miami..
who knows ...
I will see later at the end of this year.
My american friend waits for me to visit New York.
She said that she will accompany me and my family to the most beautiful places of New York such as the Big Apple,Little Italy,Manhattan,the Central Park,etc..
and of course we will visit Ground Zero to honor the victims of that terrible day.
The Arab League,through its chairman Amr Moussa,said that it doesnt recognize the authority of the newly formed Iraqi Governing Council,becoz it is not democratically elected! mm.!
I wonder to know when was last democratically held elections in the arab world?
Yes, that of Saddam,Mubarak,Assad where they gained 100% of consensus with the gun on the head of the voters??
Saddam's Iraq was well represented at the Arab League,though it was not elected.
Maybe because these fool arab leaders doesnt know what democracy means??!
Or maybe becoz they have fear of the wind of democracy which might reach their countries?
A mix of both these things.

Though the IGC was not elected,this is a provisional iraqi govern which aims to a referendum where the Iraqi people( and not the Americans) will chose their own Constitution.After this,general elections might be held from next year.

But it's clear to everyone which a country freed from 30 yrs of cruel dictatorship and destroyed morally and economically,has its time to return to normal life.

If one looks at the exemples of Italy,Germany,Japan,etc..which were freed by the Americans,he can note the same situation ( maybe ).
All of them came out from a long war,destroyed by yrs of cruel dictatorships,very poor,were run for some months by an American envoy.Soon after,provisional local govts ruled those countries till that after 2 yrs were held some referendums ( in Italy , Referendum between Monarchy and Republic,where Italy chosen Republic,after yrs of monarchy)so that people freely decided their form of govt and later they were ready for the general elections.
Now we are prosperoud and democratic nations,due also to the great aid of America ( the famous Marshall Plan which made the impoverished Europe return to life ).
So,the arab leaders can freely refuse to recognize the iraqi provisional govern ( which provisional leader is,for 6 months,an islamist),but they must be aware that,even if they dont want to loose their power,democracy will reach their societes soon or later.
No one wants to impose democracy.Promotion of democracy is however a good thing.
Give a voice to the unheard arab voices is a wonderful thing.
Let them know what democracy is an excellent thing.
Then they will decide.
and there is no one which doesnt like to live in a democratic society.
This is the major fear of the arab dictators.
But be quite:the wind of democracy and freedom will reach their golden palaces.


Today is the 58th anniversary of the atomic bombing in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Very sad day.
But one must find the courage to say that Truman ( the Democrat US President) done the right thing.
Though it was a tragedy,it could be the lesser of the evils.
Letting the Japanese nazist regime continue on its way,had a high human cost.
Japan was ready to sacrifice 21 millions of innocent Japanese and the tragedy would have been worst.
in this sad day,the free human being must have the courage to say the truth.
i let you read this from the New York Post:

August 6, 2003 -- Fifty-eight years ago today, an American B-29 nicknamed the Enola Gay and commanded by Col. Paul Tibbetts left the island of Tinian and dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Three days later, a second bomb fell on Nagasaki.
The attacks persuaded the militarist-dominated Japanese regime to surrender, ending the most horrible war in history.

Despite the horrendous loss of civilian life and cataclysmic physical destruction, few at the time doubted President Harry S. Truman's wisdom in using the bomb.

Lately, though, a growing circle of revisionist and politically motivated academics - many of whom came of age during Vietnam and consider the U.S. military among the world's most evil institutions - has declared the atomic bombing of Japan to have been not only unjustified but little short of an actual war crime.

It was nothing of the sort.

True, the U.S. Strategic Bombing Survey, compiled after the war, concluded that Japan likely would have surrendered even without the bomb. But not all analysts agreed - and certainly, nothing known to Washington at the time justified such a view.

Indeed, intercepts of Japanese communications showed a major troop buildup precisely in the areas that would have borne the brunt of the planned allied invasion of the Japanese mainland - an invasion that might have cost the lives of half a million U.S. troops (not to mention Japanese lives) and taken until the end of 1946 to force a surrender.

Despite the heavy toll, the bomb likely saved more lives than it took.

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof wrote yesterday that Japanese scholars increasingly believe the bombs were the only reason government pragmatists were able to overcome the warlords' demand that Japan keep fighting.

As Japan's chief Cabinet secretary later wrote: "The atomic bomb was a golden opportunity given by heaven for Japan to end the war."

That it was - and Americans need feel no guilt or shame over having used it.

Dear Bush,you are wrong this time 

The Road Map is being threatened the Arafat's terror groups.Everyone asks himself if finally peace will reach the region or not.Israel and its citizens hope that finally their tragedy comes to an end,sooner than later.But the next future is quite uncertain.Meanwhile,President Bushapproved a fund of some 12 millions of dollars in favor of the Palestinians and threatened to sanction Israel if it continues in the building of the security fence.
Bush should be aware of the fact that this is not helpful to the road map's success .
In fact,while he helps,they blow themselves.However,i think that this is more a conciliatory move than a sincere bias towards the palestinians.He is,by words but also by concrete facts,the best friend of Israel.

The other shame of the Bush administration is the recent expulsion of some cuban asylum seekers while trying to reach the coasts of Florida,they were sent back to Castro's island.
Well, while one can understand the necessity of tougher border control after Sept 11th attacks, and also the infiltrations of pro-Castro spies,the great majority of those cubans which flee Cuba by sea are seeking for a better life and freedom.
This incident provoked the hard reaction of the Cuban exiles in Miami ,which usually vote for the Republican Party.
They wrote a letter to Bush demanding to return to his original welcome he gives to the cuban exiles.
Some said that Bush must keep his promises if he doesnt want to loose the Hispanic and specially the cuban votes.

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Arab controversial TVs 

Why are the arabs so fascinated at the Bin Laden's theories?This is a very frequently asked question that the world public opinion asks itself since the Bin Laden phenomenon exists.A concrete analysis shows that the arab media plays a strategic role in the formation of the 'arab minds'.Some of the arab TV channels show uncensored tapes of Bin Laden and Saddam's pro-jihad's incitement.Al Jazeera(the famous so-called 'CNN of the arab world' ) and the newly created pro-saudi Dubai-based Al Arabiya are some of the most pro-Saddam and pro-Bin Laden channels.
Surely,given the wide popularity which these channels have among the arab public opinion,they have the power to influence the masses which eventually welcome these messages and from here new potential future terrorists are created.
The USA should warn these dangerous TV channels.the arab govts,which conditionatelly 'joint' the global coalition against terror ,should do the same.Otherwise,we should look at these channels with much suspicion.

Khomenei's grandson asks for US help in Iran!!! 

The today's paradoxical news comes from Najaf ,Iraq.
It may sound absurd.
Khomenei's grandson,openly attacked by words the Islamic Regime that his father created.
He also calls for US to intervene to overthrow the Islamic Regime !!
Is it absurd?
Is he joking,willing to deceive the US as his father did in 1979??

The Iranians have enough with the clerics..

Iranians celebrate 97th anniversary of Constitutional Revolution 

Thousands of Iranian citizens are celebrating the 97th anniversary of the banned Constitutional Revolution.
The celebrations are being held among a growing tense situation in several cities like Tehran,Tabriz,Isfahan,Shiraz,etc..
In Tabriz,some youth carried the original but banned Iranian flag ( The Lion and the Sun).
Nowadays,the Iranians use to celebrate their original traditions,even the pre-Islami Persian New Year.

Monday, August 04, 2003

Gigli a flop? 

The new movie of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck seems to be a flop..
Is this due to the fact that one of the most discussed couples of Holliwood is now going towards a crisis just before they should get married?
After all,the last marriage of J.Lo gone through a crisis finished with a separation.
But J.Lo remains a idol to many of us girls.

Sheikhs' hipocrisy 

A couple of Western lovers have been arrested in Dubai,then realesedbut forced to pay some thousands of Dirhams.
Why all this?
The couple,an australian guy and a german lady ,openly kissed each others while walking in a shopping mall.
It's not the first time i hear of these news coming from UAE.Yet,what wonders is the place this occurred in. Dubai is a city described to us as an 'oasis of luxury:luxurious cars,hotels,villas,yachtes,no taxes and beautiful women".
Yeah,beautiful women.Here is the great hipocrisy.The rich sheikhs use to go abroad in search for beaytiful girls(mainly from Italy)to take with them in their mega-yachtes attrached in Sardinia ( where i live ),or simply receive them at the Burj Al Arab hotel ( a well known 7-stars hotel).Anyone of us knows what they do with these girls .
As i said, this is the great hipocrisy.A country cannot be called 'modern' only by its cars or hotels,but rather from ita degree of civilty and honesty.

Castro rejects EU's aid 

Cuban dictator Fidel Castro,while celebrating the 44th annyversary of its tiranny ( after that of Batista),shouted against the European Union by calling its member states "puppet and slaves of the US imperialists" and sweared that he won't accept its aid anymore.
Good news for us;the fact is that EU was ready to re-start the deals with that regime !!
For its part,Italy suspended the pubblic aid to Cuba( which definitely goes in the regime's hands) and wish to expel the Cuban ambassador.

Last week i went to the Craig David's concert in my city, Cagliari.
It was a very nice evening.Craig David is also a nice guy.
He said :"These days i used to go into the beach and the first thing i saw was the beautiful girls."..
Hey,Craig, just a question for you:was i among those girls???? he he he !

Saturday, August 02, 2003

Gay marriage:right or wrong? 

There are some important issues which need to be solved though is not easy to have a clear idea on this delicate issue.
Is the gay marriage to be allowed or not? This question was raised in Italy after the controversial message that the Vatican sent to the italian deputies and senators urging them to not amend immoral laws in favor of the gays.
Here are two more important considerations to be done.
The first:the Vatican has surely its reasons;ethics,morals and spirituals.
Anyway, a true liberal ( him who believes in the Popper's teachings )who is him that believes in the individual liberty,certainly disagrees with the position of the Vatican.
Every human being has the right to choose how to life his life.he has the right to purse the happiness in the way he believes it is right.
Worst is the church's interference on the private life of the italian citizens.Is to remember that the Vatican is another state.An independent statejust like is Italy.
1 point is to be clarified:who cares for the children's right disapproves the right to the adoption of kids by the gay and lesbian couples.This is something that cannot be negotiated.

America Stands by Frustrated Iranians Desperate for Freedom, Bush Says 

America Stands by Frustrated Iranians Desperate for Freedom, Bush Says

•President Bush said today in his White House press conference that the US stands by the Iranians' struggle for freedom. He thanked Iranians living in the US for keeping people inside Iran informed through e-mail and phone contacts, and by satellite TV. He said, “The people of Iran are interested in freedom, and we stand by their side. We stand on the side of those who are desperate for freedom in Iran. We understand their frustrations in living in a society that is totalitarian in nature. And now is the time for the world to come together to send a clear message. President Bush said, “We've got a lot of our fellow citizens who are in e-mail contact, phone contact with people who live throughout Iran, and I want to thank them for that.” He added, “Interestingly enough, there's a TV station that I think people have read about that's broadcast out of L.A. by one of our citizens. He or she has footed the bill. It's widely watched.”

"A Sensitive Approach To Iran" 

"A Sensitive Approach To Iran"

July 13, 2003
Project: Free Iran [activistchat.com]
In a June 25th Wallstreet Journal editorial entitled "We Must Unite to Prevent An Ayatollah Nuke", former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres wrote:

"Americans" are just now beginning to understand the dangers posed by a nuclear-armed Iran. A recent Washington Post/ABC poll found that 56% of Americans endorse the use of U.S. Military action to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons, while just 28% oppose it. By contrast, we Israelis have always understood the dangers posed by a nuclear Iran, a state that has long backed terrorist attacks against our people."

The problems of the Islamic Mafia Regime in Iran, nuclear armed fanatics and violence in the Middle East are no doubt some of the most crucial issues the world faces and must be remedied early on in this new century. Therefore, it is because of this most pressing need that we should assume a sensitive more thoughtful approach rather than one that is merely focused on the Iranian nuclear facilities and their eradication.

Mr. Peres rightfully acknowledges the concern felt by many Israelis in regards to the Iranian regime's nuclear capabilities and ambitions, however, it is not right to suggest we unite in order to focus exclusively on the "nuclear issue", but more importantly, that we unite in order to end the factors that fuel fanaticism and most importantly the factors that strengthen the hands of the Mullahs.

For decades, violence in the Middle East, most importantly Israeli/Palestinian violence, has been a gift much appreciated by the Islamic Mafia Dictatorship. This persistent conflict has not only given them strength to remain in power but has also given them a cause to support with billions of dollars, which they have stolen from the Iranian people. What has, more often than not, appeared to be utter disregard and lack of compassion for the rights of both the Palestinian and Israeli people, has left the region in an atmosphere of violence and despair. It is this violence and despair that has made it so incredibly easy for fanatics to recruit young Muslims who are willing to die in their fictitious battle against the "infidels."

In assessing the approach that has been employed by individuals such as Mr. Peres and others over the years, we arrive at a sobering conclusion, which is that their conflict-solving methods have not worked and their continued utilization will only lead to more violence, more death, and a much more powerful and tyrannical Islamic regime in Iran. This being the case, it becomes abundantly clear that if a truly positive and sustainable solution is to be reached between nations of the region, the United States will have to maintain a leadership position, while making sure to follow an even-handed, intelligent and effective approach tailored specifically to each conflict while acknowledging the overall regional dynamic.

Developing an effective approach to this predicament will no doubt take much patience and ingenuity, and by no means would I dare suggest that its implementation and success will be as simple as my suggestions may sound. However, at a time when matters of such urgency lay before us, it is vital that we put all options on the table.

Rather than suggesting we unite in an effort to prevent the "Ayatollah Nuke" as Mr. Peres puts it, "we" should instead unite in an effort to expose and openly confront the decades worth of human rights abuses in Iran, a strategy that would place great importance on supporting the will of the Iranian people and would deal immense pressure into the hands of the Tyrannical Mullahs. We must unite in an effort to educate the American public about this regime that has killed over 120,000 Iranians over the past 20 years, continues to funnel large sums of it's wealth into the hands terrorist groups, and most recently beat and tortured a Canadian Iranian photographer to death. In addition we should continue to strive for a peaceful solution to Middle East violence while clearly differentiating between the peoples of the region and the corrupt dictators who rule over them. Such a policy that combines full support for the Iranian people while creating a more peaceful region will weaken the Iranian regime and fanatics throughout the Middle East to the point of collapse.

If we follow a policy that focuses exclusively on the nuclear issue and military strikes while failing to address the will and rights of the Iranian people, we would only strengthen the Islamic regime. Merely striking Iranian nuclear facilities would likely have the dangerous outcome of instantly re-aligning the majority of Iranians, who currently favor the United States and our democratic concepts, more to the side of the Tyrannical Mullahs.

We cannot bomb our way to democracy in Iran, but we can ally ourselves with the people of Iran and fight by their side. In the end the whole world, including Mr. Peres, will have its' wish, a nuclear-free Iran. Although, even if the new democratically-elected leadership were to have nuclear capabilities, it would pose no threat to Israel, because both nations would likely have good relations.

I am an American citizen who believes in the approach that President George W. Bush, as well as other senators and congressmen have endorsed, which is to support the will of the Iranian people in their struggle for freedom. It is an approach that seems more likely to eradicate fanaticism because it attacks, weakens and will ultimately remove the Islamic regime by defending the Iranian people, 1,000,000 of whom live in the United States. The approach outlined by Mr. Peres would likely strengthen the mullahs by continuing to fuel unrest in the region and by making the United States truly look like the "Great Satan" when in fact, in the eyes of the Iranian people, we are their "only hope!"

The coming age will be one marked by the rise of great leaders who will vow to do what is right and just. All nations of the world have made mistakes in the past, but we are entering a new age, and lessons have been learned from the mistakes of yesterday. Soon ideas from a new generation of young spirited minds will lead us through the darkness into the great future mankind will surely achieve through unity, truth and knowledge.

"In Iran, we continue to see a government that represses its people, pursues weapons of mass destruction, and supports terror. We also see Iranian citizens risking intimidation and death as they speak out for liberty and human rights and democracy. Iranians, like all people, have a right to choose their own government and determine their own destiny - and the United States supports their aspirations to live in freedom." - President George W. Bush (State of the Union Address: Jan 28, 2003)

Regime Change In Iran By Promoting Human Rights, Freedom and Free Referendum 

Regime Change In Iran By Promoting Human Rights, Freedom and Free Referendum

To: President George W. Bush

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Tuesday July 8th, 2003

Honorable President George W. Bush

CC: Heads of the world’s democratic states, U.S. Congress, the European Parliament, UN Commission on Human Rights, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch

It is the irony of history that in the land of Cyrus The Great, the birthplace of the first charter of the “Rights of Nations” and the “Declaration of Human Rights” over 2500 years ago, there is today no respect for human and civil rights by the Islamic regime. Cyrus, who was exceptionally tolerant of local religions and local customs and against slavery, is famous for freeing the 42,000 Jewish captives and allowing them to return to their homeland. His name appears twenty two times in the Bible. Were it not for Cyrus, it seems at least possible that the Jewish people would have become extinct in the fifth century BC and we would have never received their great contributions to mankind. Unfortunately, present day Iran is ruled by a small group of Islamic Mafia Clerics who are the embodiment of evil and have no respect for Human Rights in this land which is the birthplace of Darius The Great, Babak, Avicenna (Ibn Sina), Ferdowsi, Khayyam, Hafaz, Saadi and Rumi. We need the help and full support from the leaders of the free world to change this regime with no / minimum bloodshed.

Today Iranian people are demanding civil and political freedoms, separation of religion and government, equality and justice (especially for the Iranian women), the immediate liberation of all political prisoners and Free Referendum.

With regard to the above, we the undersigned request your urgent help so that another human tragedy can be prevented before the Islamic Republic’s regime causes another massacre in Iran. It is a regime that has executed over 120,000 political prisoners and freedom-loving Iranians in less than 2 decades. An Iran that is free from the current regime's rule will have countless benefits such as undercutting much of the funding for terrorist groups, paving the way for a more peaceful Middle East, and creating a region in which all inhabitants can participate in a system that is for the people and by the people. Protests and demonstrations are a democratic right of the Iranian people, and it is the duty of all freedom-loving people around the world to defend this right. Since there are over 1,000,000 Iranian-American and Iranian citizens in the United States we ask you as a responsible authority to defend the rights of not only our family members and fellow countrymen but of all people who demand freedom throughout the world. In this we ask that you respond to the following appeal:

1) In honor and memory of all the Iranian contributions to world history and mankind, please consider to proclaim 18Tir July 9 As “Iran’s Human Rights and Freedom Day” in the USA in an effort to attract peace-loving Americans in the struggle to support a free Iran and a more peaceful world.

2) Please condemn the inhumane crimes of the Islamic Regime of Iran and demand that it stop the suppression and use of violence against the demonstrators. Please give an ultimatum to the regime, urging it to step down peacefully because they have lost all legitimacy.

3) Please ask the international community to immediately send a team to observe the situation in Iran.

4) Please support the general demand of the Iranian people for a referendum and free elections observed by international organizations.

Since the September 11th tragedy, one of the most tragic human rights violations of recent times, the world community must deliver a strong condemnation to such violators, and we should not tolerate any human rights violations in any part of this planet by any group. Please consider the above requests from freedom and peace-loving Americans, Iranian-Americans, and the Iranian people who are great friends of all Americans and freedom-loving people of the world.

All human beings are in truth akin;
All in creation share one origin.
When fate allots a member pangs and pains,
No ease for other members then remains.
If, unperturbed, another's grief canst scan,
Thou are not worthy of the name of man.
Sa'adi (1215?-1292) Famous Persian Poet

Sincerely Yours,

(To sign this petition go to www.activistchat.com )

Kazemi Petition 

Kazemi Petition: Expel Islamic Clerical Regime of Iran from The UN For Killing a Canadian Photojournalist, and Call For Free Referendum In Iran!

Prime Minister Of Canada Mr. Jean Chretien

Thursday July 24, 2003

The Right Honorable Jean Chretien:

CC: U.S. President, EU Heads of States, Heads of the world’s democratic states, General Secretary of the United Nations, The United Nation Commission for Humman Rights Special Rapporteur, U.S. Secretay of State, U.S. Congress, Senator Brownback, the European Parliament, Canada Foreign Minister, Amnesty International, International Journalism Group and Ms. Kazemi‘s Son, Mr. Stephan Hachemi
As you are aware, Ms. Zahra Kazemi, a Canadian-Iranian photojournalist, was arrested on June 23, 2003 and was savagely and barbarically beaten to death by Islamic regime officials. News agencies reported that Ms. Kazemi's body was buried on July 23, 2003, in Shiraz, Iran, contrary to the wishes of her family, and repeated formal requests from the Canadian government. "Don't send me your condolences when your government killed my mother, tortured her and still doesn't respond to my demands" - words that spoken by her son (for other detailed facts regarding the case please click on http://www.activistchat.com/reporter/index.html ).

The systematic use of torture and terror, as instruments of domestic and foreign policy employed by the Islamic Clerical regime in Tehran, is no doubt a crime against humanity. It is time for a collective and decisive action by the Canadian, G8 governments, and the international community to support the freedom-loving Iranian People, to put an end to such horrific crimes against humanity and to pave the way for freedom.

Today the Iranian people are demanding civil and political freedoms, separation of religion and government, equality and justice (especially
for the Iranian women), the immediate liberation of all political prisoners and Free Referendum.

With regard to the above, we the undersigned request your urgent help so that another human tragedy can be prevented before the Islamic regime causes another massacre in Iran. It is a regime that has executed over 120,000 political prisoners and freedom-loving Iranians in less than 2 decades. An Iran that is free from the current regime's rule will have countless benefits such as undercutting much of the funding for terrorist groups, paving the way for a more peaceful Middle East, and creating a region in which all inhabitants can participate in a system that is for the people and by the people. In this we ask that you respond to the following appeal:

- The continued legitimization of the Islamic regime in Iran must stop at once.
- Please give an ultimatum to the regime, urging it to step down peacefully because they have lost all legitimacy.
- Please ask the UN to immediately send a team to observe the situation in Iran.
- Please support the general demand of the Iranian people for a free referendum and elections observed by international organizations.

If the Islamic Clerical regime in Tehran does not step down peacefully please consider the following steps:
- Freeze All Assets Of The Regime.
- Discontinue Oil Imports From Iran.
- Expel The Islamic Clerical Regime From the UN.
- Expel The Islamic Regime's Ambassador From Canada and EU countries. Relations with the regime should be reduced to Consular level only, as to serve the consular needs of the Iranian people.

Since the tragedy on September 11th, one of the most tragic human rights violations of recent times, the world community must deliver a strong condemnation to such violators. To avoid another such tragedy we should not tolerate any human rights violations in any part of this planet by any group. Please consider the above requests from peace-loving and freedom-loving people of Planet Earth.
"Human beings are all members of one body.
They are created from the same essence.
When one member is in pain,
The others cannot rest.
If you do not care about the pain of others,
You do not deserve to be called a human being."
A Quote from Famous Persian Poet Saadi Shirazi
( 13th century Persian poet, from Shiraz the birthplace of Ms. Zahra Kazemi)

Sincerely Yours,

(to sign the petition, go to www.activistchat.com)

Friday, August 01, 2003

just trying

A Call for UN & World Leaders to Prosecute Organizers of Suicide/Homicide Bombings Against Civilians as War Criminals

To: UN and World Government Leaders
We, the undersigned, petition the United Nations, its Security Council and World Government Leaders to join Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch to declare that homicide/suicide bombings and acts of terror against civilians are "war crimes against humanity."

Furthermore, we insist that the United Nations, its Security Council and World Government Leaders declare that raising infants and children to become suicidal/homicidal bombers is a violation of fundamental human rights, a breach of the Geneva Convention and a war crime. We ask that those political, governmental, military and religious organizations and their leaders and supporters be prosecuted by the International War Crimes Tribunal to the fullest extent of International Law.

It is our firm belief that when these genocidal war crimes cease, populations will not have to conduct defensive actions against terrorism. When that happens, there stands to be improved chances of peace in the world through negotiation and civilized conflict resolution. The petitioners firmly believe that conflicts in the Middle East and elsewhere can and must be resolved by diplomatic, political and negotiated means, but that when civilians are attacked by terrorists, there is no recourse but for defensive measures.

We have signed this position and sent it to people of all faiths, ethnic backgrounds and political beliefs with the hopes that the UN and World Leaders will not only vote to divest countries of their weapons of mass destruction, but upon the immorality and criminality of raising of innocents to kill other innocents.


The Undersigned


BBC=Biased Broadcasting Corporation (The American friends also use this name !)
The biased British newspaper "The Economist" (which doesnt eaither understand anything of economic issues),back to attack Italy and our beloved PM.
As usual,it tells the most absurd lies ,due to its lack of knowledge of our beloved country and its recent history.Its so-called 'report' is exactly copied by the self-defense of the top thief of the italian people,the former corrupt prime minister Romano Prodi ( accused also by the Financial Times of corruption at the EU's level )
If one tries to ask the british what they know about the recent italian history ,the will surely be uncapable to tell you without taking a look to Mr. Prodi self-defense !

The British people, which i compare to the French,is known as being ignorant and arrogant .This is at least my opinion.
Their hostility against the italian people is due to historical factors dating back also into the second world war.
Once the allied troops entered into Italy,the british were seen as arrogant ,while the americans were seen as heroes and welcomed accordingly.
The British did not enter Italy without a clear personal goal. They wanted to show the italians their so-called 'strenght', but the italian people did not need them.
We had our american friends freeing our country.
In fact, when we remember the fallen heroes of the war against Mussolini and Hitler, we always remember the americans and seem to forget the British.
maybe it's due to this that the british are so hostile to us.

The British always look at us as a second class people based on we free chosen of our favorite leaders.
According to their stupid vision of the world,we should chose the leaders they like ,the so-called 'politically correct' british-style corrupt leaders.

the truth is that the British are a people of stupid analphabets who dont know the world.

So, we dont care about them..

We let them boiling in their ignorance and falsity, as they need a doctor to check their mental health!! he he he !!

British pigs!

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