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Wednesday, June 25, 2003

The human cruelty has no limits:

The well known Cuban dictator Fidel Castro has confirmed the heavy condemns against 75 dissidents of various political ideas.

Worst,he confirmed this also against two economists, Martha Beatriz Roque and Eduardo Chepe, who are seriously ill and cannot have access the medical treatments.
The free world, Italy as well, is ready to protest against this inhumane pratice against people who has a different opinions , accused of being "US mercenaries"

Our prayers go to the cuban dissidents now in the dirty and dark jails of the communist regime and specially to Roque and Chepe, hoping that they resist ..
We cannot leave that they die in jail , only for SPEAKING THE TRUTH!

It's time to call Castro with his real name : MURDERER.

Castro, tu eres un asesino, tu debes ser fusilado!

Friday, June 20, 2003

The Iranian Democratic Revolution is going on..
The regime has its days numbered.

Many misconceptions in the European press.
The overwhelming majority of the Iranians don't like the Mujaheddin.
They are those who brought Khomeini at the power and destroyed the iranian traditions.
They are those who supported Saddam Hussein to kill millions of iranians..
Iranians think that MKO is a terrorist group and anti-iranian.
They fear that these may take the power through a cou d'etat, because they will be surely rejected in a referendum, where Reza Pahlavi II has very good chances to be the next leader..

Friday, June 13, 2003

From Iran-Daneshjoo (www.iran-daneshjoo.org)

Reuters issues another "mis-report" on the situation in Iran
SMCCDI (Information Service)
June 13, 2003

The Reuters News Agency's local office in Iran has issued another MIS-report on the actions which rocked, yesterday evening, the Iranian Capital. A news issued by this news agency of British origin was titled as "Iranian political protests continue, but smaller".

This is not the first time that for an "unknown" specific reason the British news agency tries to undermine the amplor and extent of news which are able to show the extent of the popular rejection of the Islamic regime including its so-called "reformist" faction that European countries are continuing to support and promote.

It is to note that the yesterday evening's unrest was much bigger than the precedented 2 nights and the extent of the brutality used by the regime shows the degree of its panic.

Some believe that the Reuters reporter who has written the article might have, or follow his agency's interests linked to the British Industrial lobbies; Or that have been present, only, at the beginning of the yesterday evening's unrest and at a time that many Iranians were still ho,e watching the exceptional broadcast of Reza Pahlavi's interview by most of the abroad based oppostion TV networks.

Even the conservative Associated Press was much "fair", this time, in its way of reporting on yestertady's events despite it usually promotes the same "reformist" faction by sacryfing the ethic of Journalism and impartial reporting.

The Reuters' controversial article is as follow:

" Iranian political protests continue, but smaller

I was shocked by the yesterday's terror attacks against innocent jewish.It clearly shows that peace is not possible till the terror network is broken. For this, Abu Mazen is the only leader capable to stop the terror :even through the use of force.If he won't do so, the world would get angry with him.He must show the world that he deserves to be trusted.Peace in that area has never been possible because of arafat's refusals . The world is not stupid:It finally realized that the real and finl goal of many palestinians and their arab supporters isn't the end of the "occupation". Rather, it's the elimination and destruction of the leggittimate State of Israel, the only true democracy in a region full of corrupt dictators.
. If this is what they want,they must be aware that this will never happen.
However, made a very big mistake by attacking leader of Hamas. I'm glad when a terrorist is captured or killed: but this has provoked the reaction of Hamas,then that of Israel and other violence is to be expected.. When will this circle of hatred and violence finish?
The world is tired with this 60 years long war wanted and initiated by the arab countries.
When will peace prevail??
We need a Ghandi to help us!! lol...
Another day of popular protests yesterday in Iran..
Today also is expected one,despite of the threats by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution.
The religious police forces is getting very nervous and losing every hope for the success of their repression.
"Death to Khomenei" , "Khatami, the traitor,resign"!
The students are responding to the calls for uprisings by the US-based satellite or radio broadcasts. They often sit and hear to the messages from Reza Pahlavi .
Reza Pahlavi fascinated a lot of Iranian youth, both male and female, with his pro-democracy and pro-secularism speeches and his non-violent beliefs.
Civil Disobedience is the solution.
The girls are waiting for the day when they will be able to walk withouth the veil and listening pop music, kissing thei boyfriends, wearing western clothes..

The dying regime, both hard-liners and "reformists", is unable to find people who can defend it and is forced to call the foreign mercenaries ( Palestinians ,Syrians,Iraqis,Pakistanis,radical Afghans) to be helped to repressing the revolts..

I just received news of many protesters injured , including many women and girls tring to defend the univerties'dorms assaulted by the religous forces.

It's wonderful the hige partecipation of the ordinary Iranians joining the students!

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

you can verify these news by going on the site of the site of the Iranian Student Movement.


Hey Western anti-global : you are protesting the Free Western World. There are 70 million of Iranians and other people who are fighting for joining that world.

It must be mentioned that most of the Islamic regime's special forces come from Palestine,Iraq and Sirya..

That's why The majority of the Iranians hate them..

They occupied a foreign land ( Iran ) and they ( the syrian army ) are occupying the one time-free and democratic Lebanon , turning it into a terrorist and dictatorial regime..
Even there, the majority of the Lebanese are fighting in silence against the Syrian occupation..
Another night of huge and popular demonstrations throughout Iran..
The students and the population at whole are going to do it every night till the greatest popular demonstration of the 18 TIR ( 9 July)..
The U.S. Administration is following the situation in Iran and is ready to send messages of support to these people ..
Th European countries cannot be silent anymore.. They must join the US in supporting the Iranian people and leave the Iranian regime alone ( Khatami is hated now more than before )..
What the Iranian people asks for is a Referendum in order to chose their new form of democratic govt..
The crowd launched an appeal to Colin Powell : "We need your help. We want regime change,now!!).. Women and Men are close to each others , they take the hands of each others ...
The favourite leader of the Iranian people is Reza Pahlavi II..
Reza is supported from both the US administration and Israel..
Europe ignores him, but he must be supported, as he is the change , he is the democratic hope for the Iranians..
Read these news alert coming from Iran:

Honorable US Senator Issues Statement In Support Of Protesters
SMCCDI (Information Service)
June 10, 2003

The most famous and popular of the US Senators, Sam Brownback of Kansas, was the first American legislator to maker an official reaction to the massive demonstrations of this evening which rocked several Iranian cities and especially the Capital.

Brownback who has always been at the front defense line of the Iranian students and Secular opponents to the Islamic regime made his formal statement as follow:

“My office has been receiving numerous reports of a growing protest in Iran taking place right now,” Brownback said. “It is estimated that between 5-8,000 students have joined in and are protesting against the government’s crackdown on student democracy dissidents.

“Recently, five student leaders were arrested in advance of the July 9th anniversary of the original mass student protests in 1999. Even though it is almost 2:00 a.m. in Tehran now (5:00 p.m. here), the protests are growing in size according to Persian media accounts.

“We have also received reports that Iranian government forces are beating up the protesters and firing warning shots at them.

“To the brave Iranian people protesting this night – I offer my strong support, admiration and assistance. I will share this news with my colleagues in the U.S. Congress and the American media so that America will know of your bravery.

“I call on the Iranian government to stop beating and harrassing their own people. The students are shouting, “Khatemi, Khatemi, Go Away!” These are the same students that gave President Khatemi his start. They are disillusioned because there has not been reform, there has not been real democracy and there has not been respect for the rule of law and human rights.

“This is how history is made – one brave act at a time. The world is watching how the regime treats you and will hold them accountable. Iran-AA Ahh-zad! [Free Iran!],” Brownback said.

The republican senator has been pushing for a legislation in support of the secular forces of Iran despite the controversial actions of some of his colleagues, such as Senator Biden of Delaware, who are trying to slow such realistic and humanitarian proposals.

Biden is known for having collected substential amounts of financial help during a fund raising organized by the Islamist elements affiliated to the Islamic republic regime based in California.

Several injured demonstrators in critical conditions
SMCCDI (Information Service)
June 11, 2003

Several injured demonstrators are reported to be in critical conditions including 2 of them in deep coma following the brutal attack of the Islamic regime's special forces earlier morning.

Most of the injured were beaten on their heads and foreheads with heavy clubs and several of them are carrying knif wounds.

Those in such situation were part of the last group of demonstrators attacked in the Kordestan and Keshavarz avenues of the Capital.

Reports of deaths have ben reported from Ahwaz and Esfahan where members of the Islamic legion affiliated to the Pasdaran Corp. intervened to smash the rallies. These legions are composed mainly by foreign fanatics enrolled from Iraqi, Palestinian and Afghani mercenaries.

The situation in most cities are very tense and hate can see on the face and can be heard in most discussions of the residents.

The Universities are very tense and placed under surveillance of Basidj and Intelligence Ministry.

Protest and clashes rock the Capital for the 2nd consecutive night
SMCCDI (Information Service)
June 11, 2003

Several thousands of Tehrani residents have come into streets and avenues of the center of Tehran and especially around the University by passing thru the security lines which were established by the regime's regular forces.

Hundreds of students have gathered also inside the university and slogans are shouted for Free Elections on the choice of the future secular regime of the country and against the repression.

The number of supporters is increasing every minute despite the sporadic clashes in front of the University and in the Azadi avenue.

Other clashes are happening near the Enghelab square and in the Kargar avenue But In several area signs of fraternization between the regular forces and demonstrators are seen as the LEF members are stopping the plainclothes men from attacking the demonstrators.

Note an important issue : In several area signs of fraternization between the regular forces and demonstrators are seen as the LEF members are stopping the plainclothes men from attacking the demonstrators.

This is a good signal that the regime's forces may defect and the collapse of the regime is near ..

All must be aware that the major source of the aid to the terrorist groups comes from the Iranian regime..
Hezbollah were created by it.
The real defeated of the terrorism and peace in middle east can occur only with the fall of the Islamic Regime..

Go one Iranians!
Iran Azadi!

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Another great demonstrations by the Iranian students right now..
in front of the Tehran University..

Thousands of Iranians Protest Near University
1 hour, 3 minutes ago

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Thousands of Iranians took to the streets in the early hours of Wednesday chanting anti-government slogans after police surrounded a student dormitory at Tehran University in the capital, witnesses said.

"Political prisoners must be freed," some 3,000 people shouted in a square near the university, the scene almost four years ago of the biggest unrest since the 1979 revolution. Other chants were directed against Iran's clerical rulers.

Many people said they had gathered after hearing calls by U.S.-based Iranian exile satellite television channels to go to the campus after student protests there earlier on Tuesday.

Some people lit fires in the streets, but police had so far not intervened in the peaceful protests.

Their slogans are : "Referendum,Referendum,Referendum".
"Down to the repression!"

Many insults were directed against Khamenei and Khatami-

Let's support the Iranian students!!

Sunday, June 08, 2003

I wanted to give one my opinion on the movement of the civil rights of the womena and the blacks-
I am for the equality of every people in front of the law .
I am for equal opportunity for both men and women and black and white.
However, i think that the civil rights movement in America and Europe was wrong on some issues..
It fought for the supremacy of the black on whites and the women on the men.
What is the result ? Still many women are oppressed in the world.
And even here in the West , the women have no 100% of equal opportunities..
Even if they gained much results.
What a true pro-women movement must ask for , is the equal opportunities with the men.
Abraham Lincoln said "The human beings are created equal ". So no one must claim "supremacy" rather they must claim "equal opportunity".
I think it's time for a new pro-women movement.
Women and the men have the same rights!!

Saturday, June 07, 2003

Finally i bought the new CD of Ricky Martin.
Just now, while writing this, i am escuchando ( listening to ) his music.
His music is wonderful .. it's a mix of pop and salsa.
I must say that i can understand what he sings about, as i can speak spanish very well.
Ricky Martin is from San Juan, Puerto Rico, but he lives in New York and Miami.
In one of his songs , he says : "Tiengo tambien una foto con Bush " ( "I also have a photo of myself with Bush " ).
However, i always liked him since the beginning.

Friday, June 06, 2003

Oriana Fallaci is one of my favourite writers. I respect and sometimes i agree with her opinions, even if i think she is too hard with every muslim .
She is neither right-wing nor left-wing.
He often critizes Berlusconi, as well as she often critizes the hipocryt leftists.
She got very angry with the muslims and Islam since the sept. 11 attacks.ù
I agree with some of her opinions, but i think she should make difference between the many radical muslims from those who are moderate.
However,she is respectable, because she has been since long time a war correspondent from various countries of the world and interviewed so many important world's leaders.
Because of her controversial book ,"The rage and the pride" , written soon after sept. 11th, she got death threats by the radical muslims living in France..
A suisse tribunal wants to condemn her for "racism".
It can be that we cannot agree with all of her opinions, they can sound exaggerate and too hard, but no country can condemn a person for her opinions, unless they incite to violence ( and this book doesnt do at all ). Worst of all, no foreign country can be allowed to condemn another country's person.
I don't like Islam and i have some diffidence with some muslims. But i am enough intelligent to understand that there are ( thanks God ) many muslims who are moderate and pro-democracy.
As Italian Minister of Interior said, "we must support and dialogue with the moderate muslims and promote their ideas. " he also added that "It's time that the radical imams ( those who preach hatred and violence in the mosques ) are kicked out.
Italy will do this while talking to the moderate muslims. It's up now to the islamic countries who claim to be moderate, to show us they are really moderate. They must kick out all the violent imams. So did Saudi Arabia.
I support all the moderate muslims and i know they are many.They must start talking to their followers. We need them..

This is the article i found on World Net Daily

"Fighting Islamization to the death"

Posted: June 6, 2003
1:00 a.m. Eastern

© 2003 WorldNetDaily.com

I have just finished reading Oriana Fallaci's passionately written book, "The Rage and the Pride," in which she warns us, loudly and clearly, of the Islamic Reverse Crusade which has as its goal the conquest of the West. The attack on 9-11 was the Pearl Harbor of the Crusade.

"It is a war of religion," she writes. "A war they call Jihad. If we do not defend ourselves, if we do not fight, the Jihad will win. … It will cancel our culture, our art, our science, our identity, our morals, our values, our pleasures. … Europe is no longer Europe. It is a province of Islam. … It hosts almost 16 million Muslim immigrants and teems with mullahs, imams, mosques, burqas, chadors. It lodges thousands of Islamic terrorists whom governments don't know how to identify and control."

Oriana Fallaci, the dauntless, uncompromising Italian journalist, made her mark as an international writer by her incisive interviews with such world leaders and politicians as the Dalai Lama, the Ayatollah Khomeini, Kissinger, Arafat, Golda Meir, Ariel Sharon, Indira Gandhi, Ali Bhutto, Willy Brandt and many others. She lives in Manhattan where for the last ten years she has been working in seclusion on a historical novel.

She was at home on Sept. 10, 2001, when she had a premonition of something terrible happening. On the next day, hearing the sirens of police cars and fire trucks, she turned on the TV and, she writes, "Don't ask me what I felt at that moment or soon after. … I was ice-frozen. Even my brain was ice-frozen. I don't even remember if I saw certain things on the first tower or on the second. The people who jumped from the windows on the 80th and 90th and 100th floors so as not to burn alive, to begin with. Who broke the glass of the windows, climbed over the windows, and jumped the same way we jump from a plane with a parachute. By dozens. And they came down so slowly. Slowly tossing their arms and their hands, slowly swimming in the air. … And, finally, they dropped like stones and bang!"

She didn't know what to do until six days later, when the editor of a major Italian newspaper came to New York and asked her to write about what had happened in the form of a letter to him. She wrote the article, and the paper sold a million copies. She decided to expand the article into a small book.

"It was born all of a sudden. It burst like a bomb. Unexpectedly like the catastrophe that on September 11 disintegrated thousands of creatures and destroyed two of the most beautiful buildings of our time: the Towers of the World Trade Center." Writing nonstop, "The Rage and the Pride" was completed in two weeks.

It caused a sensation in Italy and elsewhere in Europe. In France, a Muslim group tried to get the French edition banned because they considered it racist. But the judge saw no point in banning a book that had already sold 45,000 copies in France and about a million in Italy. Besides, the book has nothing to do with racism. It has everything to do with the war between religions. Fallaci writes:

All the so-called Revolutions of Islam began in the mosques. Not in the universities, as the [liberals] want us to believe. Behind every Islamic terrorist there is an imam, and Khomeini was an imam. … And I declare that many imams (too many) are spiritual guides of terrorism. … [The Saudi Ministry of Religion] is the mighty organism that divulges fundamentalist theories throughout the world. That throughout the world builds mosques and schools where the unlucky Muslim students learn nothing but the 6,236 Koran's verses by heart. … And where they are recruited to fight the Holy War.
The Islamists have threatened to kill Fallaci because of her courage in speaking out against the Islamization of Europe. But now she is not alone. Brigitte Bardot, the famous French film star, writes in her new book, "A Scream in the Silence," "I am against the Islamization of France. … For centuries our forefathers, the ancients, our grandfathers, our fathers gave their lives to chase all successive invaders from France."

There are now 5 million Muslims living in France. But the situation in Italy is worse, since it is like a land bridge from Africa to the European Union. Fallaci writes:

Because our cultural identity has been well defined for thousands of years, we cannot bear a migratory wave of people who have nothing to do with us … who are not ready to become like us, to be absorbed by us … who, on the contrary, aim to absorb us. To change our principles, our values, our identity, our way of life. And who in the meantime molest us with their retrograde ignorance, their retrograde bigotry, their retrograde religion. I am saying that in our culture there is no room for the muezzins, for the minarets, for the phony abstemious, for the humiliating chador, for the degrading burkah.
Fallaci, a passionate defender of Western Civilization, vows to fight to the death. She tells the Islamic enemy, "War you wanted, war you want? Good. As far as I am concerned, war is and war will be. Until the last breath."

This is the biography of top cuban dissident Oswaldo Paya Sardinia

Oswaldo was born on February 29, 1952. He is the fifth of seven brothers. His first studies were in the primary public school in the Havana Section of
El Cerro. Later he enrolled in the Catholic school of the Maristas Brothers
until the new regime intervened and closed the institution.
Oswaldo's family is harassed by the Castro Regime from the first moment they
took power for not sympathizing with the communist ideologies and their
involvement with the Catholic Church. During the Bay of Pig's (Girón Beach)
invasion in 1961, he suffers, with his family, the first of many "progróns"
or acts of repudiation. A mob of organized people with loudspeakers,
composed by agents and militiamen situated themselves in front of their home
and for a long time threatened, offended and shouted "Paredón" which means
"Execute them!" They also terrorized the women and children.

During his early school years Oswaldo refuses to join the Pioneer Movement,
which is the preamble to the Communist Youth Union in Cuba. His openly
critical behavior against the regime costs him his liberty and is sent to
"Isla de Pinos" in May of 1969 sentenced to forced labor. Later, he is sent
to the Camagüey Province to work for 18 hours a day during the sugar
harvest. Finally he is sent back to "Isla de Pinos" where he stays until
1972. During this stay Monsignor Francisco Oves, Bishop of Havana, provides
him with the keys to the church where he organizes mass and services to the
young prisoners and old people.

In 1972 he enrolls in the University of Havana. He is soon classified as a
worm ("gusano") and is forced out of the University. He continues to study
with the help of few friends in a center that provided night classes. Work
is also hard to come by due to his denial to become part of the Cuban
Communist Party (PCC). He has to abandon his job as a professor in the
Pre-University studies for not following the instructions of the PCC.

In 1980, during the Mariel boat lift, his relatives from Miami came to pick
him up but he refuses to leave. The PCC organizes new acts of repudiation
and his house is under siege. During this decade he begins to work for the
Public Health Department as a Specialist in Electronic Medical Equipment in
hospitals. A job he currently keeps. Since then he is constantly under
surveillance from the State Security forces.

In 1986 he participates as a delegate of the Havana diocese in the Catholic
Church National Meeting, he presented a document titled "Faith and Justice"
where he defended the absolute liberty for Catholics to practice their
religion. His words were not well taken at that moment. This same year he
marries Ofelia Acevedo Maura. The union has produced three kids 14, 13 and
10 years old.

In 1987 with a group of laymen he creates "La Peña del Pensamiento Cubano"
in the Cerro Parrish church. He publishes his first declaration titled God'
s Nation ("Pueblo de Dios") where he defends the rights of not only
Catholics but of all the Cubans. In 1988, under strong pressure from the
PCC, Havana's Bishop Jaime Ortega, prohibits the publication of "Peña
Cristiana". That same year Oswaldo founds the Christian Liberation Movement
("Movimiento Cristiano Liberación", "MCL"). In 1990 he is detained and sent
to a safe house of the State Security where he is interrogated and threaten
with prison if he continued his civic and pacific fight. That same year he
calls for a national dialogue and starts collecting signatures with the
intention of making this calling for national dialogue a bill of law under
article 86 of the Constitution.

On June 11th, of 1991 a mob, organized by the government, assaulted his home
and ended his signature gathering process. The assailants sprayed paint the
front of the house with messages like "Payá, CIA Agent", "worm", "long live
Fidel", "down with Payá", etc. He had to move his family to his in-laws

For the first time, in 1992, Oswaldo makes pubic his intention of running
for Representative (Delegado) of the National Assembly of the Popular Power.
Two days before the postulation process the police detained him and placed
him under custody in front of all his neighbors, to intimidate them. He was
then taken to the Revolutionary Defense Committee where he was threatened
with physical harm if he shows up in the Assembly.

In 1992, he drafts the Transitory Program that proposes a peaceful way to
transform the Cuban society. In 1993 he commences to collect signatures
once again for a referendum regarding the Transitory Program. This effort
culminated with the exodus of Cubans in the summer of 1994.

During 1995, Oswaldo participates as one of five organizers of the Cuban
Council. The State Security detains him and orders him to discourage the
meetings, which ends up breaking this organization due to the constant
repressions and the international incident of two airplanes from the
Brothers to the Rescue Organization being shot down. In 1997, along with 10
other members from the MCL, he collects hundreds of signatures to support
his candidature as a Representative in the National Assembly. The electoral
commission did not accept it. That same year he presents a formal protest
to the Assembly, claiming that the electoral law is unconstitutional and
claiming its elimination.

Between 1996 and 1997 he drafts the Varela Project. In 1998, during the
Pope's visit to Cuba, he is constantly under surveillance by the Sate
Security forces. That same year the MCL publicly promotes the Varela
Project and begin collecting signatures for a Referendum.

In 1999, along with other opposition leaders, Oswaldo drafts the manifest
titled All Together ("Todos Unidos"). For the first time the opposition
comes together to support a common goal. In March of 2001, "Todos Unidos"
summons all the opposition to collect 10,000 signatures necessary to make
the Varela Project a Bill of Law. In May of 2002 representatives of the
"Todos Unidos" group, headed by Oswaldo Payá, delivered in the office of the
National Assembly of the Popular Power 11,020 signatures of voters making
the Varela Project a bill of law under the Cuban Constitution. In July 5th
2002, the National Assembly's ordinary session suspended "until further
notice" by Fidel Castro.


Thursday, June 05, 2003

I'm still concerned about the destiny of the Cuban prisoners of coscience arrested two months ago by the politic police of dictator Fidel Castro.
Actually, i know that one of them,Eduardo Chepe,is seriously ill and is difficoult to access to his prison to bring some medicines.
I'm trying to get informed about the activity of the top human rights activist Oswaldo Paya Sardinas. He is still safe and is continuing to promote the cause of liberty and democracy among his fellow countrymen in Cuba.
He has been awarded with the "SaKarov Prize " ,named after a former russian dissident. He received this prize at the European Union, althought it was opposed by the socialists and communists at the European Parliament.Prodi has shown that he was not interested to give a prize to this dissident,while European People's Party ( the the european coalition party made up of the main european center-right parties ) was the one that contributed for Payà to go to get the Prize.
In fact, Castro did everything to forbid this humble catholic man to go there .
Now he is disappointed by this .
Paya' and his movement are getting more support from an increasing number of people in Cuba and now we can say that the cuban regime is almost on to be over.
Another top dissident is Oscar Elias Biscet, a black man condenmed for calling for a public protest against the regime.
He has been arrested 3 years ago.
The police tortures him every day,including burning cigarettes on his skin.
He is a non-violent who loves Ghandi .
Before his arrest in December, Biscet said "I'm strengthened by my time in prison and I'm going to keep fighting."

Let's support the freedom and democracy-fighters in Cuba.
People in Cuba is tired of the regime and wants the change.

www.mclpaya.org (Christian MOvement for Liberation in Cuba )
www.biscet.org ( Biscet's official website , where you can know more about him and put a signature as a sign of support ).

Sunday, June 01, 2003

My favourite fashion designers are :

Giorgio Armani,Roberto Cavalli,Lorenzo Riva and Renato Balestra.

Giorgio Armani: I like his "light" style. I mean his "light" and "soft" clothes.

Roberto Cavalli: i like his "oriental" style. He designs "oriental"-style clothes and his perfumes smell of oriental fragrance,as well.

Lorenzo Riva: i like his "elegance" style. I like the elegance of "his" clothes..

The same stands for Renato Balestra....

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